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Fire Mitigation Strategy

HHS, Inc. provides expert consultation on products and services designed to mitigate losses during outdoor fire situations. | 800-709-4065

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Residential Services

We offer a full line of DIY or custom installed hydration units to fit every budget and every geographic location.

Industrial Services

Our consultants can identify your weak spots and suggest innovative solutions to mitigate your potential losses from outdoor fire sources.

Government Services

DUNNS # 079169908, CAGE Code 73XN6, We are a Disabled American Veteran Owned Corporation.

Franchise Opportunities

1-800-709-4065- Please visit or call Lonny Dyer for more information.

Awesome Features for Every Situation

no matter what your situation or geographic location, our experts have the solution

It's About Mitigation

You can not expect to save every structure, but you can do more to mitigate your potential losses.

Preparation is Key

By preparing for a disaster you can gain added peace of mind.

Consultative solutions

We will create a solid plan of action with products, concepts and ideas.

Follow Up Services

Our experts will partner with you to ensure your plan is implemented successfully

Meet the Wildfire Mitigation Experts

More than 100 years combined experience.

Gary Black

Lead Industrial Consultant | (800) 709-4065

has spent the majority of his career working in the energy industry focusing on oil and gas sectors.

Cpt. Roy Dalton

Strategies and Tactics | (800) 709-4065

more than 20 years experience fighting fires for the United States Air Force. He is an award winning and decorated fireman.

Lonny Dyer

Franchise Operations | (800) 709-4065

more than 15 years in the construction industry and has run numerous non-profit organizations.

More experts at HHS, Inc.

Our goal is to assemble a team of highly qualified individuals


“The team I have assembled takes their job seriously and has proven themselves to be of the highest quality”

- Herman DeBoard ( CEO )

“As lead design engineer, I take each job on as a challenge to deliver the most effective fire mitigation plan possible”

- Hans Barkley ( Lead Design Engineer)

Our Products and Companies

HHS, Inc. is growing everyday and gaining invaluable knowledge along the way that we would love to share with you.

We offer a no obligation free initial consultation

During our conversation, we will seek to understand your needs prior to ever visiting your home or business.

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We will quickly and thoroughly assess your needs and will work to get you moving in the right direction.

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Our clients are given access to our 800 number and in most cases, easy access cell numbers for support.


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