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House Hydrant Systems

House Hydrant Systems are fully automated systems that detect heat from fires activating a proprietary fire alarm panel. Once activated, the system accesses an independent water supply and begins soaking your house or outbuilding for 20 minutes or more (depending on tank size or water source). Each system is designed to create a micro-climate around your house, lowering the temperature and increasing the humidity until the fire passes.

Illustrating How The Systems Work:

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The Final Addition To Your Mitigation Plan

  House Hydrant Mitigation Checklist
Clean roofs and gutter of dead leaves, debris and pine needles that could catch embers. Yes
Replace or repair any loose or missing shingles or roof tiles to prevent ember penetration. Yes
Enclose under-eave and soffit vents or screen with metal mesh to prevent ember entry. Yes
Cover exterior attic vents with metal wire mesh no larger than 1/8 inch to prevent sparks from entering the home. Yes
Repair or replace damaged or loose window screens and any broken windows. Yes
Screen or box-in areas below patios and decks with wire mesh to prevent debris and combustible materials from accumulating. Yes
Move any flammable materials away from wall exteriors - mulch, flammable plants, leaves and pine needles, firewood piles - anything that can burn. Yes
Remove anything stored underneath decks and porches. Yes
Install a House Hydrant System to automatically soak your home, if if you are not there. Yes

What people are saying about Hydro 2.0?

These systems are impressive. They literally dump hundreds of gallons of water onto whatever you are trying to protect in less than 30 minutes. Really a no-brainer"

Bob ~ Colorado Springs

All of my clients should own these if only to mitigate their potential losses."

Keith ~ Larkspur

The mobile units are extremely easy to deploy. We purchased the trailer option and feel much better about fire danger now"

James ~ Woodland Park

I purchased a mobile system for my farm for added peace of mind. Very afforbale for what you get and fantastic service."

Mike ~ Colorado Springs

These guys really know what they are talking about."


8 Reasons You should consider buying a House Hydrant System:

House Hydrant Systems have got:

  • Independent Power Supply.
  • Solar Charging Options.
  • Independent Water Supply.
  • Powerful Heat Detection Sensors.
  • Micro-Climate Technology.
  • High Pressure Hydration Nozzles.
  • 6000 Watt Power Inverter.
  • Fantastic Service from Real Firemen.


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