The Ultimate Mitigation System

As a home owner, you want to do everything in your power to prepare your home before a disaster strikes. House Hydrant Systems can help you with that. Watch Our Video


Our systems automatically detect heat from approaching forest fires activating the ydration pump even if you are not there.


Once activated, the system accesses an independent water storage tank that prays 1000 gallons of water or more in 30 minutes.

Green Energy

Our systems are solar charged and battery operated so they are not connected to your home for power

Self Contained

With self contained power systems, and self contained water sources, our system is the most complete mitigation system on the market

Franchise Opportunities Available

If you are interested in learning about franchise opportunities and would like to run your own House Hydrant Systems Business please visit the HHS FRANCHISING Website today to learn more.

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Pricing & Quotes

Every home and piece of property is different and requires a quote for an installation of a House Hydrant System. If you would like to purchase a mobile unit, they are listed here as well.

Custom Home System

Our custom systems have several options and range from 1000 gallon to 2500 gallon tanks. We can also install between 2 and 6 high power nozzles per home for maximum water coverage.

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Mobile Hydration Unit
$6750 Complete

Our mobile hydration unit can be activated whenever and wherever needed. Just pull the unt to the area that needs protected, deploy the heat sensors and activate the solar power panel.

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